Triangulate this!

I finished these mittens this week.
new order mitten
Designed by me, on account of this scarf ↓.  I needed a go-with for it.
I decided I wanted to pick up on the triangle motif without directly copying it.  The yarn came from left-overs.  Odds and sods of soft Manos del Uruguay Maxima and Malabrigo Worsted, both are 1 ply merino wool, and the very same yarn that comes in all those fun, neon colours I spoke of last time.
new order mittens
A ribbed cuff followed by the easy fairisle pattern does the trick for keeping the chilly winds out.  There were a lot of ends to darn in which I seemed to do gladly, but you can minimize this by choosing 2 colours only.  Yes- I am giving you the pattern.  Right here! Right now! Here we go…..

New Order Mittens

Materials: 3mm and 3.5mm dpn, 100grams, 200m, 220yds total 6 colours worsted weight yarn.  Shown in Malabrigo Worsted and Manos del Uruguay Maxima. 2 stitch markers, and some scrap yarn.
Gauge 6sts/inch in pattern with 3.5mm needles

To fit: Ladies Medium, finished width 9.5cm, 3.75”, length (not including cuff) 20cm, 8”

A – Black Malabrigo
B – Pearl Malabrigo
C – Glazed Carrot Malabrigo
D – Oxygen Maxima
E – Frank Ochre Malabrigo
F – Natural Maxima

With colour A  and 3mm needles CO 52 sts
join in a round and rib K2, P2 for 4.5cm, 2”
Next rnd with 3.5mm needles increase randomly 2 sts over round (54 sts)
Begin colour pattern with colour A

Colour Pattern
Rnd 1: (With A K5, with B K1) repeat to end of rnd
Rnd 2: With B K1, with A K3, (with B K3, with A K3) repeat to last 2 sts, with B K2
Rnd 3: With B K2, with A K1, (with B K5, with A K1) repeat to last 3 sts, with B K3
The colour pattern is then repeated with C and D, followed by E and F.

Work Colour Pattern for 9cm, 3.5” (8 stacking triangles created)

Add in After Thought Thumb
Right Hand
Work 17 sts in pattern, with scrap yarn K9, slip these sts back to the left hand needle and reknit them in pattern, continue in pattern till end of rnd.
Left Hand
Work 28 sts in pattern, with scrap yarn K9, slip these sts back to the left hand needle and reknit them in pattern, continue in pattern till end of rnd.

Work in pattern for 8cm, 3” more (7 stacking triangles created) it should cover your pinkie when you try it on.

Note: In this example all the decrease sts were knit with the lighter colours to keep a consistent edge.
In pattern, work 27 sts, pm, work to end of round pm
SSK, work in pattern to 2 sts before marker K2tog (twice)
Repeat this decrease rnd till 10 sts remain
Break yarn and run through remain sts.  Cinch tight and darn in end on the inside of the mitten

Pattern thumb as follows (note:you can also work thumb in regular colour pattern but the example is shown with one stacking line of triangles on each side, worked as follows)
Remove scrap yarn and pick up  sts around the thumb hole (K across 9 sts under provisional yarn, then 1 sts in the gap along the side, knit 9 sts on top of provisional yarn and one more in the gap ( 20 sts ). Do so with the following colour pattern:
With F K2, with E K5, with F K2, PU&K1 with F (twice).
Next rnd: with F K3, with E K3, with F K7, with E K3, with F K4
Next rnd: with F K4, with E K1, with F K9, with E K1, with F K5
Repeat these 3 rounds changing colours in sequence, for the first round knit the PU sts with the background colours (for example the next rnd would be with B K2, with A K5, with B K5, with A K5, with B K3)
When the thumb is about 6.5-8cm, 2.5-3”, and covers your thumb K2tog into every stitch in the round with the background colour. Break the yarn and thread the remaining stitches through, cinch tight and darn in the end on the inside of the mitten.
Block it!

new order mittens

I call this pattern the New Order Mitten, in reference to the wonderfully snappy song ” Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order.  Listen to it here, it’ll put some spring in your step.

Craftily yours

2 responses to “Triangulate this!

  1. I like Frente’s version better (of Bizarre Love Triangle, not of your mitts, lol)

  2. Very nice! I will keep the pattern for next year. After discovering tiny little crocus’ in my garden I sure hope we don’t need mittens any more for now … 🙂

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