Something to Blog about!

I started the day being congratulated. It seems the Knit Cafe was given the honor of being named one of Toronto’s Best DIY Spots by Blog TO! Hooray for us, and HOORAY for you too!  Without all you fine, crafty, knitters and crocheters we would be nothing! So congratulations to you all!

This good news came heralded by another winner, from the DIY hot spot and gallery Graven Feather. It’s just down the street from us in the Artscape Building on Queen.  Thanks to Graven Feather for spreading the glad tidings!

poppom window
poppom window
If there is one thing we (at the Knit Cafe) like to DIY it is a window display! Here’s our latest one.  I call it “Pom Pom Avec Chat”.
Craftily yours


4 responses to “Something to Blog about!

  1. yay congratulations!

    (are those pom poms left from nuit blanche?;-)

  2. LOVE the pom poms- I need a giant pom pom maker!

    • kristinledgett

      A giant pom pom making would be great! but you can make pom poms with just your wits and a bit of cardboard too!

  3. I Agree! One of my favourite de-stress spots to go in Toronto! Way to go!

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