you sure can pick ’em!

Sometimes folks come into the Knit Cafe with a pattern in hand, looking for the exact-same yarn the pattern sample was knit from.  No substitutions are allowed for these folks.  Including when it comes to colour.
People are often confessing to me that they are afraid of colour.  They have no confidence when it comes to picking them.  Even less so when more then one colour needs to be picked. “What if they don’t go together ?” they ask.  What indeed!
blue sky cotton
This has come up a few times when it comes to this Chevron Blanket Pattern from the Purl Bee.
chevron blanket
As you can see, right now we do have all the colours in stock for an exact replica of this adorable blanket.  However, if you wish to go out on a limb…
blue sky cotton
How about this combo: lemonade, lemongrass, flamingo, dandelion, bone, pumpkin, rasberry.
blue sky cotton
Or this one: graphite, hyacinth, thistle, drift, wasabi, jasper, sleet
blue sky cotton
Or this one even: mediterranean, drift, pumpkin, bone, flamingo, drift, lemongrass.

Or come up with just the right mix for you.  No right, nor wrong (even if it is sticking with the original).
All of the above are colours of Blue Sky Organic Cotton, and there are even more colours to choose from.  Come and see!
Craftily yours

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