comings and goings

It’s a boy!!
…but we knew that already. Iwona has had a lovely and pretty-near-perfect bundle of joy.  Born on the morning of April 19. Hooray!DSCN0026
Look at this beautiful creation by Natalie Selles!
This lace vignette looks particularly pretty from the back with the sun simultaneously silhouetting and illuminating the detail.
It will be gracing the Knit Cafe’s window for the whole month, so if you have a chance to come by and visit it in person please do.  While you are here give kudos to Natalie for her handiwork but also in honor of her new employment opportunity.  We are very sad that Ms Selles will be leaving us for some other pasture, but we knew we couldn’t keep her to ourselves forever.

Luckily Natalie will still be teaching classes here at the Knit Cafe so we will continue to benefit from all her knit knowledge.
If you would like to wish Natalie good luck, come to the Stitch and Bitch this Tuesday April 23, it will be the last one she will host.  She will also be  here to mind the store on the day of the Knitter’s Frolic – Saturday April 27, so if you are not going frolicking, you can see her  then too.

Big thanks to Natalie for all her good help here.  She will be  missed.

Craftily yours


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