Fairwell to Frolic, Hello to Spring!

Frolicking is fun, but it is also great when it’s over. Yes- we can close the book on another year at the local, annual, knitter’s fair – the Knitter’s Frolic.  It was a goodie! We fed and watered a lot of hungry shoppers at our Knit-Cafe, and we passed on some special yarn and project plans too. In fact several new Knit Cafe patterns were introduced at this years Frolic. We will have them ready for purchase any day now on Ravelry so keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled. Big thanks go out to our outstanding team of helpers that made the whole thing possible for us.
Still the good times will not stop – just check out these lil’darlins↓

mini skeins koigu
There is nothing like a mini skein!  10 metres of joy! Koigu  has sent us a great collection of colours this time.  For things to do with mini skeins check out this post, or register for our June 17th needlepoint class and learn a whole new way to play with these colourful characters.
Everyone likes contests, so I thought I would pass this along.  The West Queen West BIA is giving away a Mother’s Day shopping spree!  Just follow this link for more details. Many shops in our illustrious neighbourhood are participating, including us of course.
queenHappy May 1rst all
Craftily yours

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