Get classy this week!

Crochet Slipper Class
Do you know the basic crochet stitches and want to beef up your skills? Do you just want to make these adorable slippers? You can!
Bonus – you will learn how to make the leather slipper-soles too!
Thursday May 9, 16, 7-9pm
$50 materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648, tell us your shoe size when you register!
crochet slipper

Lace 101 Class
Make delicate lace stitches, perfect for the summer weather.  Learn all the basics along with deciphering lace patterns both written and charted.  Practice your stitching in class and gain the confidence to tackle lace projects at home.
Saturday May 11, 18, 10:30-12:30
$50, materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648

sexy shrug

We had a blast at the Steeking Class this past week.  Check out our local spinner Jana’s thoughts on the class here.
…and  a few of my pics are right here↓

Reinforcing the edge with crochet, and after it’s done a shot mid-cut.

After the cut’s complete, and a “raw cut” without any reinforcing.

If you missed out keep your eyes peeled for another Steeking Class next season.
Craftily yours

2 responses to “Get classy this week!

  1. cheryl frankfurth

    Since I live on the extreme west coast do you think you’ll ever be tempted to post the pattern online? Or have an online class?


    • kristinledgett

      Are you referring to the Crochet Slipper Pattern, or the Lacy Shrug Pattern pictured for the Lace 101 class? The Crochet Slipper pattern is a modified pattern by our instructor Edie Kim, the original was a Japanese crochet pattern so I’m afraid we won’t be publishing it. The Lacy Shrug Pattern is a Knit Cafe original and you can find it here.
      One day it would be very fun to offer on-line classes, but right now it is something we can only look forward to.

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