Why am I posted a picture of a computer?
Imagine you’re sitting right here at this very computer finding the knitting pattern of your dreams.  This does not need to be a dream, it could be a reality. Yes – we are living in the digital age, and there is perhaps no other group that have embraced the internet and all it’s possibilities quite like knitters have.
Thanks Ravelry!
Ravelry has developed a LYS (that’s local yarn shop) Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales option.  This means you can come into the Knit Cafe and search for “leg warmers” or “coffee cozies” on our resident computer and then purchase a download of the pattern that meets your needs through the Knit Cafe.
This will be especially appealing to folks who dislike making purchases over the internet.

The other advantage is that we can help you navigate ravelry while you’re in the shop and try to track down the perfect pattern for the yarn you are squeezing and coveting right there in real time.

If you are new to – we can give you a tour of the site and show you how you might navigate it on your own
Ain’t technology grand?

Craftily yours

One response to “Virtual/Reality

  1. Great idea! I will definitely use this!

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