Knit Day(s)!

Knit in Public Day(s) are coming up!
I say day(s) as those who officiate this “day” have it scheduled from June 8-16.  Whatever the day, all over the world knitters are encouraged to congregate en mass and show off to the greater public.
This year I thought some of you might want to join the demonstration.
We will be congregating in Trinity Bellwood’s Park on Saturday June 8th from 12-2pm for a knitalong!  Bring your crocheted blankets to sit on and bring needles and yarn for stitching.  The bigger the group the better!
This is a SHINE ONLY plan.  The rainy day plan will be to come to the Knit Cafe where we regularly “knit in public”.  We will sheltered here behind our safety glass, under the pretty tin ceiling, insulated by the yarn.

one night sweater

Learn how to make a sweater! Make it mini in a one night class and learn all the skills to make a full-sized one at your leisure.

One Night Only Sweater Workshop
$30, materials not included
Thurs May 30, 6:30-9pm
Call to register 416 533 5648

crocheted napkin

Adding crocheted edges to napkins, and pillowcases, and skirt hems, and collars, and aprons, and scarves, and shirt sleeves, and curtains, and tablecloths, and bed skirts, and tea towels, and hand towels and…and…and…

Learn how at the Crochet on the Edge Class

crocheted pillow cases$30, materials not included

Wed May 29. 6:30-9pm

Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours


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    So cute wish I was closer

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