TTC Knitalong 2013

Quickly approaching and right on time!
This wonderful annual event has just announced their 2013 schedule.

Saturday July 20th is the big day

Registration and route announcements will take place at 12:00 (noon) on Monday, June 3rd

Check in with them here to get all the news

If you have not heard about past TTC Knitalong escapades, then let me get you up to speed.  Register yourself for the TTC Knitalong, choosing a route that will take you all over this sweet city visiting the yarn stores that dot the landscape. The folks at the TTC Knitalong hope that you will take a route that you have not yet tried and will get to visit the new and exotic yarn locales you have yet to know.  Sounds fun- doesn’t it?  Well there is more!  Meet fellow knitters and join in the spirit of comradery that comes with taking over public transportation and fielding lots of curious questions from knit-spectators and commuters. You will get swag bags full of great stuff donated by the local yarn shops, and perhaps win a prize.  Perhaps the best reason to participate is that your Knitalong admission fee will be donating to Sistering, an outreach centre that helps women in our communities.
This year the TTC Knitalong is posting profiles of the participating shops before routes are chosen.  You can see them here.  To be a knitter in Toronto is to be very lucky indeed!  It is wonderful to read all about the yarn shops involved in this event and all their plans for the Knitalongers.  Kudos to all!

Even though I have never been able to ride along with the rest, I sure do look forward to a gaggle of excited knitters showing up at our doors and showing them some hospitality.  Hope to see you there.


Craftily yours


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