Water under the bridge

Well, it’s been interesting!
I’m happy to say that we seem to be done with flood clean-up.  Touch wood! The Monday night rain storm did a number on our Toronto neighbourhood and you can see evidence of wringing out all over the place.
First let me reassure you that all the yarn is safe.  I repeat- no yarn was hurt during the flood.  Our basement did get an unscheduled deep clean and purge, and we were sorry to be closed for a few days, but now we are open and the sun is shining too!
Maurie Todd who was most brave and an absolute Rock of Gibraltar through this whole ordeal has been awarded the Employee of the Millennium prize.

the great wave mittens

Here’s a knitting project fit to commemorate a flood!
The Great Wave Mittens by Natalia Moreva
this example beautifully knit by Hanne-Panne

Craftily yours


One response to “Water under the bridge

  1. Wow, these mittens are so beautiful! it’s a pity I live in Rio de Janeiro, no way I can use these here… But, who knows, for some trip in Europe or North America… 🌸

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