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Indigo Dragonfly is here!
Beautiful, hand-dyed, goodies from our neighbours in Haliburton, Ontario! This delivery includes a smorgasbord of lovely merino sock yarns.   Each skein comes with plenty of character and we have been treated to several limited edition, especially-special, one of a kind, never again, skeins of yarn! Check it out↓
indigo dragonfly sockOne Shirt, Two Shirt, Red Shirt, Duck! Special Edition

DSCN0001That Dream Where You’re At Work And All You’re Wearing Is Underwear… Um…Hi… Special Edition

DSCN0003Your Birthing Vessel Was A Cricetinae, And Your DNA Expositor Smelt Of Sambucus Pericarp! Special Edition

Amphibious: A Tendency To Repeatedly Fall For Lies From Frogs Special Edition

Turquoish Delight Special Edition

Nearfenugen: The Fear Of Being Run Over By A Jetta Special Edition

Yes- those are the names of the colours! Names inspired by television series and movies, fabulous quotations, and memorable one-liners.  My favourite colour-name …? Already told ya- right here.

Other delightful colours look just like this ↓

Top – Lord Chatterley’s Divorce Attorney
Bottom Left – Sailor Bait: The Official Lipstick of the 2012 Walk of Shame
Bottom Right – Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain

Top Left – As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly
Top Middle – Lambada 3: It’s Tepid!
Top Right – I Made That Tape Special For Today
Bottom Left – Safety Pin Or Safety Pint: Discuss
Bottom Middle – I’ll Be In My Bunk (Jayne- Firefly)
Bottom Right – My Name Is Indigo Montoya

Top Left – Eviscerate Is Enough
Top Right – Is She All Green and Fuzzy and Mossy?
Bottom Left – Sargasm
Bottom Middle – Shiraz: Because Corn Flakes At Midnight By Yourself In Pajamas Is Just Sad
Bottom Right – Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

Top Left – The Impenetrable Apricot Force Field
Top Right – Plumber’s Butt: Release The Cracken!
Bottom Left – Caffeinate The Minion
Bottom Right – The Worst Part of Nodding Off Is Folgers In Your Lap

Indigo Dragonfly Sock – 80% merino, 20% Nylon for strength. 356m (390 yds), 6-8sts/2.5cm (inch), $26 per skein.  There is only one, or in a few cases, two of each colour, so if you are in love – best to stake your claim pronto!

Craftily yours


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