From Rags to Riches (Fall Knit Magazines!)

Today in the mail we received an update from The Downtown Knit Collective.  This is the wonderful bunch who are responsible for The Knitter’s Frolic each year. They are also a meet and greet group who talk, teach and share all things knit.  Their gatherings feature serious knitting topics and wonderful guests.  This past meeting was hosted by Fiona Ellis who brought with her a trunk-show from the Twist Collective.
This got me wondering if I had seen the latest addition of the Twist Collective Magazine. Have you?twist collective magazine

Twist Collective is one of my go-to places for knit patterns.  They have wonderful designers that create a great array of garments for each collection.  I like how they group them in story boards with wonderful pictures and often delightful scenery. It turns out I had seen this most recent issue, but this did not stop me from looking through it again.  One of the wonderful things about Twist Collective is you can drool and dream for free and then buy the individual patterns you fancy.

Spice Trail

photo by Harrison Stone

This visit to Twist, got me thinking about another favourite online knit magazine. Of course you know I’m talking about Knitty! our Canadian pride and

It turns out I had not seen this season’s Knitty Magazine, and there are some wonderful treats within. I wonderful cropped sweater inspired by Japanese Knitting Design for example caught my eye.  This is accompanied by an article on reading Japanese Patterns, a topic I’m keen to explore. Both are by Donna Druchunas
There is also a easy cowl pattern designed especially for hand spun yarns by Ashley Martineau.  It includes tutorials on the different spinning techniques that were involved in making the yarn.  This was an eye-catcher for a newbie spinner, like myself.  This cowl pattern might be a good choice for those looking for a home for their Janana hand spun or some of their own hand made yarns.

All Knitty Magazine Patterns are free, so there are no impediments to stitching them. Today feels like just the day for planting seeds for Fall projects! Happy sowing!

Craftily yours

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