Say it with stripes!

Delicious yarn will transform any project into a cozy work of art -even if it’s dead simple to make.  Case in point – Misti Alpaca Chunky!  Few can resist it’s charm, and lucky us – we just got a bright and beautiful box full of this extra soft yarn.

Misti Alpaca is 100% baby alpaca and come in 100metre hanks for $18

misti alpaca

Exhibit A: Emerald, Gypsy Lips, Linden Green, Samba (clockwise)
I’m pretty excited about Exhibit A.  I have these colours grouped all together on one shelf so I can look over at them and enjoy the happy-burst that erupts from their furry gathering.

misti alpaca

Exhibit B: Silver, Charcoal, Cream, Black
Exhibit B  may look like the photo was taken in black and white but this is not the case.  It features the rich array of monochrome that we Nordic folks are so found of.

misti alpaca

Exhibit C: Blue Lake, Peacock Melange, Mykonos Blue, Chartreuse Melange
These are the cool characters in the bunch!

…but what if you mixed them up?
I know that some of you might be simultaneously attracted and intimidated by Exhibit A.  Like I said – we are Northerners and are known to be timid of those fanciful, tropical colours, but why not add just a ray or two of this sunshine into your tasteful, neutral pallet? For example make a scarf with a narrow, colourful stripe. This chunky, alpaca yarn is ideal for a scarf. It has dreamy drape, and decadent softness, it is exceptionally light while maintaining incredible warmth.
Here are some colour  combos I think might strike the right balance between basic and bling!

scarf colours

From Top:
Silver and Emerald
Blue Lake and Linden Green
Peacock Melange and Samba
Cream and Mykonos Blue
Charcoal and Gypsy Lips

What do you think?
Your own inspired combos may well outdo me!

What sort of scarf should you make? Well for my money you can’t go wrong with good, old garter stitch, but if you want just a bit more texture, this pattern called Hometown Scarf shows off stripes in a simple 2×2 ribbing stitch.

stripes 2stripes 3stripes 1
The Hometown Scarf in a few different colour-ways.

Or apply your stripe design to the Knit Cafe’s Accidentally on Purpose, and make a matching hat by applying your extras to the Knit Cafe’s Sweet Alpaca Toque Pattern.

Craftily yours


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