Big News (Nuit Blanche 2013)

I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away if I show you this ↓

This giganto poster is a sure sign that Nuit Blanche is imminent.
Every year the Knit Cafe puts together an exhibit for this all night, arts event.  Then, we stay up all night and watch how the Nuit Blanche revelers react.  You can read a bit about this year’s installation here, or you can wait to be surprised and just show up the night of. Please come join us for some late night knitting.  Nuit Blanche is a sun set to sun up event this Saturday October 5th.
If you can’t make it for Nuit Blanche – don’t fret, the exhibit will be in the Knit Cafe’s window the entire month of October and of course I will post some pictures here on the blog.

I also wanted to show you this ↓

burly spun

Check out that giganto crochet hook!  It’s 15mm huge! and it’s sparkly and it’s pink! I am so happy to have this hook size to go with our Burly Spun yarn from Brown Sheep Company.  This is by far our favourite extra bulky yarn and now crocheters will be able to enjoy it with the kind of hook that suits it’s girth best.

burly spun balnket

Speaking of Burly Spun, isn’t this ↑ wonderful?
This chunky throw blanket was knit by Lyzbett during our Project Class that just finished today.  Lyzbette worked out the details of this pattern with the help of the wonderful Kate Atherley who was steering the knit-ship, but you can have a go yourself and make this blanket too.  The pattern is a free one and you can find it here.

See ya Saturday!
Craftily yours


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