Nuit Blanche 2013 at The Knit Cafe

Would you like to see some pics of our latest Nuit Blanche creation?

nuit blanche 2013

This year, we decided to present a squirrel homage.  If you are not from here, you may not know that Torontonians have a rather special relationship with our squirrels.  Perhaps it is because they are some of the only wild creatures we see on a regular basis, but we tend to be rather charmed by them.  The famous white squirrel known to frequent Trinity Bellwoods Park is somewhat of a cherished mascot and a good luck charm. So for this year’s Nuit Blanche Installation we imagined a gallery exhibition devoted to squirrel portraiture.

nuit blanche 2013nuit blanche 2013

We decided to show the different sides of our furry friends by taking on different artistic styles for each portrait.

nuit blanche 2013

Pop Goes The Squirrel by Candy Walnut.

nuit blanche 2013

Self Portrait With Barbed Wire by Freeda Akhorn

nuit blanche 2013

Tete de Ecureuil by Nutso

nuit blanche 2013

Hungry gallery-goers may have left some snacks behind.  Check out these adorable hand stitched acorns made by our helpful knitting friends.  Thanks Aurelie, Darae, Ellen, Heather, Jasmine, Jill, Kate, Kathy, Maurie, Michelle, Robbie,

nuit blanche 2013

Madame Noisette De PomPomAdore by Brun Le Brun

nuit blanche 2013

Kate made these fantastic signs and the hand painted “Salon” signage too!

nuit blanche 2013

Self Portrait by Remy Van Der Acorn

nuit blanche 2013

nuit blanche 2013

Gertie our pig got into the spirit of things too!

Thank you to Maurie and Jeff for helping me to set up the display. Thank you to Kate and Iwona for making beautiful art. Thank you to every one who came and helped to make the night awesome!
Craftily yours

nuit blanche 2013


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