Colour combinations for a Crochet Blanket

I’ve spent quite a bit of time (maybe too much time) thinking about what version of this blanket would be mine if one day, I were finally to get around to making it.
Would I make one like Iwona’s original version?

crochet blanket

With colours collected from projects-past illuminated against a creamy white, making all the colours go pop, pop, POP!

Or would I make one like Maurie’s?

crochet blanket

With a cozy coloured background and a delicious array of colour vignettes, all speckled and tweedy thanks to the magic of Noro Silk Garden.


Some of you might remember that I did make one of these blankets.  It looked remarkably (which by  this I mean exactly) like this one ↑. That blanket wasn’t for keeps though. It went to a very sweet baby boy.
With so many possibilities, how do you choose?
This might be your problem too if you decide to take our Crochet Blanket Class that starts this Sunday.  It is open to beginners who have never ever crocheted a stitch EVER! Or newly minted crocheters who are looking for their next project! Here are the deets:

Crochet Blanket Class – Sunday October 20,27, 12:30-3:30, $72
Call to register 416 533 5648

A brand new shipment of Lamb’s Pride Bulky by Brown Sheep ↓

brown sheep

When I look outside the Knit Cafe’s window today this is pretty much exactly the colour pallet I see reflected back at me. What tremendous fall colours those Brown Sheep people have sent us!  I love the honey yellows and the mossy greens and that eggplant is fairly swoon worthy. Make a cozy sweater out of these and it will keep you warm right into deepest winter… it’s coming.
Craftily yours

PS.  2 boxes from Madelinetosh just came through the door!

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