Decadent Anzula Yarn

Anzula yarn is fine.  Not like fine=that will do, more like fine=refined, smart, exquisite. The fibre blends are super lush and the colours are rich and varied.  If you remember, the folks from Anzula came for a visit back in June.  They came all the way from California to show me their yarns up close and personal.  I really appreciated being able to see all the yarn qualities and especially the array of colours, and now, 4 months later, you too can get up close and personal with some of my favourite picks from that visit.  It was so difficult to choose.  A hard job – but somebody has to do it!
Here are some of the wonderful, new treasures from Anzula that have made they’re way to the Knit Cafe.

For Better or Worsted, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon, 182m, $32.50


top – elephant
bottom left – aspen, right – denim


top – seabreeze
bottom left -madam, right – teal


top left – pesto, right – clay
bottom left – kale, right – natural


top left – shitake, right – lenore
bottom left – emerald, right – seaside


top – violet
bottom left – hyacinth, right – paradise


Mini skeins of For Better or Worsted, $3.25 each ↑
and mini skeins of Cloud, $3 each ↓
if you’re wondering what to do with mini skeins look here and here


Cloud is a light fingering weight yarn but a similar soft blend to the For Better or Worsted.  There are great big skeins too – 525 metres big, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon for $32.50.


Very high on the decadent scale is Mermaid  – it’s made with seaweed!
60% seacell (that’s fibre made from seaweed) 40% silk, 640 metres for $43.
This lace weight yarn will make wonderful shawls and scarves.


top – chiva
bottom left – shitake, right – herb


left – lenore, right – seaside


top – red shoe
bottom left – avocado, right – emerald

…and then there is Breeze! It comes pre-caked.
Another lace weight yarn made up of 65% silk and 35%linen. 685m is $37


top left – storm, right – madam
mid left – cocoa, mid right – elephant
bottom left – aqua, right – emerald

On the same day the Anzula came we also received a box from Berroco.  Berroco has a talent for making beautiful basics.  A great example is Ultra Alpaca (seen below).  Alpaca and wool blended into a sweet worsted weight yarn with great heathered colours.  Ultra Alpaca is only $11 for 198m.  It’s a wonderful sweater yarn!

berroco ultra alpaca

I’m pretty excited about all these new additions and all the things they might grow up to become.

Craftily yours


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