self striping socks by Turtlepurl.

Remember those striped arm warmers I featured back when it was 3 weeks till Christmas.  I mentioned I had a new yarn in stock that would do the work of striping for you.  Well here is the goods!
Self-striping sock weight yarn! and hand dyed no less! It comes from Quebec and a hand dyer that goes by Turtlepurl. Thank you goes to them for the beautiful yarn and the knit swatches that show just how the yarn knits up in all it’s striped glory.
Check it out!


Bah Humbug (that’s the name of the colour)


Bee Keeper.


Poison Apple










Somehow this swatch took a runner, so we’ll just have to use our imagination now to visualize the pattern. Sigh!
The skeins are bundled in twos so you can make two socks (or arm warmers, or mittens…) with matching stripes.  How great is that. The 2 skein bundle goes for $27.  The yarn is composed of 75% merino and 25% nylon, so they should make strong socks.

Craftily yours


5 responses to “self striping socks by Turtlepurl.

  1. Oh, I am so in love with the Burberry. I’m coming home to T.O. for Christmas. Fingers crossed you don’t run out. Mind you the Twilight is stunning too and I also like the Bah Humbug.

  2. Can I purchase the Turtle purl yarn online and have it shipped tp BC?

    • Hello!
      We can certainly ship the yarn to BC for you. We don’t have online shopping currently, just call the shop and tell us which colour you would like with shipping and payment information and we will get it out to you – 416 533 5648

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