Turtlepurl is Back!

Seeing as we are neck deep in deepest, darkest winter, isn’t it time we injected a little sunshine?  I think it is timely this arrival of yarn from Turtlepurl for just this reason.  Now feast your eyes on the colour-happy colours!


Striped Turtle Toes yarn is a hand-dyed, self-striping yarn from Quebec.
This 75% merino, 25% nylon, fingering weight yarn was carefully dyed to make a pair of socks where the stripes match foot to foot. Sold as two 50 gram skeins couple together, one skein per sock.  Imagine how happy your toes will be with all these sunny colours to keep them snugly.


One outstanding colour-way is Burberry ↑.  You can see how the stripes manifest in the sample behind the skeins.  Most of the colours from our last shipment (including Burberry) are now back in stock and you can see just how they look right here.

Here are the brand new colour ways ↓. Unfortunately Genvieve was not able to send us knit samples so we will have to use our imagination when it comes to the stripe pattern, but I think we all can manage that!

turtlepurlAngry Birds


turtlepurlMystic Topaz


turtlepurlDream Room



We received a batch of Striped Turtle Toes in November and it sold out before Christmas, so if you see something you like I would scoop it up now. The set of two skeins, with a total yardage of 450yds is $27.

Craftily yours


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