getting Misti!

That’s right! It’s Misti Alpaca!  One of the softest yarns you will ever touch – truely! In these days of demonic cold I look back on the day I bought my alpaca coat with a great deal of favour!  It is so warm! Alpaca is one of the warmest fibres and one of the lightest too.

The Misti Alpaca Chunky we just received, is a bit different then we’ve seen it before! Check it out – hand dyed alpaca!DSCN0005

Lake Superior




Winter Queen







If you’ve taken our Knit 101 class you have in hand the perfect pattern for this yarn.  If you have not taken this class you can find the pattern HERE. One skein will make a very warm toque.
The Hand Painted Misti Alpaca Chunky is $27 per skein, the solid colours are $18 each. A little bird tells me that prices are scheduled to rise soon, so this is a good time to squirrel some away.

Craftily yours


2 responses to “getting Misti!

  1. I know that we have the pattern somewhere….. but I was feeling lazy — the Ravelry link says the toque pattern is out of print 🙂

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