the signs say we’re moving!

At least the sign in our window says “we’re moving!”. Below is a pic of our current Knit Cafe window. It makes me a bit sad that this is the last window I will design and dress at this location.  Over the last 10 years this has been one of my most satisfying projects.  No doubt more fantastic opportunities are to come at our new Roncesvalles location, but for now I thought I would just take a trip down memory lane and share some photos of windows-past.  Unfortunately it is pretty tricky to take a picture through a pane of glass so some of the photos are not nearly as special as the knit-displays were.  Also unfortunate is that I do not have pictures of many of our displays, including my first knit-art windows that featured my anatomical hearts.  If you have some photos of Knit Cafe windows you would like to share – please do get in touch!kc window

Beautiful Lace Medallion by Natalie Selles, 2013

natalie's window

Cat with Pom Pom, 2013

poppom window

Clouds made with fleece and a variety of precipitation, 2011

cloud 2

Close-up of same. Photo from Robbie Eddison


Snail Climbing a Felted Peony, 2012

snail 3

Over the years we have welcomed many wonderful guest artists to set up shop for a time in our window gallery.  Here are a few ↓

Felted Lion Head by Keily Stewart


Yarn Tornado by Stacey Sproule

stacey sprouletornado 2
Wool Stick Forest by Barbara Klunder, 2006


Crocheted triangles = Triangle, made by Becky Johnson


This Crocheted Coral Reef was made from discarded plastic bags by a lovely group of ladies, Becky Johnson, Shannon Gerard, Angelune des Laurier and Kalpna Patel. The picture was taken by Angleune Des Lauriers

toxic reef

Shanell Papp’s Crocheted Skeleton.  Shanell was visiting from Alberta for the City of Craft Show 2009.


Part of the City of Craft event from 2011 was this display.  These hand knitted envelopes were made by Dear Toronto.  This was an interactive installation that encouraged folks to write love letters to Toronto and leave them in the fuzzy envelopes.

envelopes 001

One of my favourite windows ever! It was designed by talented Iwona for Gay Pride week.  The photo is Robbie’s.

rainbow bears

Bunting by Jana Reid


…and then there were owls.
It started off innocently enough. Edie Kim crocheted an adorable owl that we all wanted to copy, so I asked our resident knitters to make a bunch and I went about collecting a bushel full of pine cones to go with them.

owls @the knit cafe by Robbie Eddison

and then we dressed some of them up for Halloween! This was our exhibit from Nuit Blanche 2011 called “Tecolote

Robbie NB 4Capture


Followed by the Christmas window of 2013

chritmas owls

For our 2009 Nuit Blanche exhibit the owls went to the circus.  This knitted parasol took many wee owls for a ride.  It was on a motor and turned continually!

cirque 3

More Cirques Des Hiboux from 2009

cirque 5

What is up with this Nuit Blanche thing?  Well, because we are crazy knitter’s – every year since we opened here on Queen Street we have been participating in this all night arts event.  That’s right- we’re up all night knitting and showing off some knit-art.
One of our first exhibits was “The Late Great Pom Pom Exchange”, where about a million art enthusiasts learned how to make Pom Poms.

late great pompom exchnage

Our third year as part of Nuit Blanche we created one of our most popular exhibits ever! It was called “Knit City”.

nb 2001

Then in 2010 there was this crazy concoction – we called it Knit Magic!

Nuit Blanche 2010, 1


This past year we made Salon Des Equreuils – or in other words – fancy, arty squirrels!

nuit blanche 2013

nuit blanche 2013


2012 was “She’s come Undone
It started out like this↓


…and then every hour we unraveled a layer of the doll revealing the knit doll beneath.  At the end of the night this is what was left↓


The very long scarf that is now the feature in our window was made from the yarn that was once these knit-Matroyshkas.

Last but definitely not least – Polar Bears!

polar bears

polar bears

Craftily yours


5 responses to “the signs say we’re moving!


    Oh Lord, with the LCBO to the north of me and now the Knit Cafe to the south, I will never, ever have to leave my ‘hood! L.  

  2. It was so fun to see so many of your window displays. We wish you the very best in your new location and can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Looking forward to having you closer! Where exactly will you be and when are u opening?

    • kristinledgett

      We will be very close to Queen, #55. We don’t have a confirmed opening date but expect it the end of April, beginning of May. We’ll keep you posted.

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