Selling Out!

moving sale
We’re making moves on the big move – that is – we’re starting to get our act in gear to make it all happen.  First comes the big purge.
We’re selling off knit-goods from times gone by. Sweaters and scarves and mittens and things are all on sale along with knit cupcakes and furry friends. There are knit sculptures too fom past art exhibits.  Boy – are they hard to part with!

sample sale

Although we just opened the doors to our sale yesterday, they seem to have been flood gates. Much has left the premises. but still some goodies remain.  I suggest you get here quick if you’d like a crack at it.

Look out for our “Garage Sale” which will be coming soon.

April is our last month here on Queen Street. We will be closing on April 27th until we open at our new locale on Roncesvalles Avenue on May 1rst if all goes to plan.

Make sure you drop by here before then to get your hands on all the Knit Cafe treasures we don’t want to move.

Craftily yours

PS. We got 2 boxes of Madelinetosh this week and are still waiting on 2 more!

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