how to make a pompom (no pompom maker required)

On May 11th you are invited to a pompom making workshop at the Knit Cafe.  This is a free event and the first class to be hosted at the brand new Knit Cafe on Roncesvalles Ave. Instruction will occur between 12:30pm and 2:30pm, but pompom making will carry on all day. 

 May 11th is also mother’s day – so bring your Mom!

If you can’t wait that long for a pompom.  Here is a wee tutorial to get you started.

You will  need:
A piece of firm cardboard double the size you would like for your pompom.
Waxy cardboard, the type you might find made into a milk carton makes an excellent pompom template.
Scissors – sharp ones!
A good amount of yarn.  Quantities will vary depending on the size of the pompoms and the weight of the yarn , but pompoms take a surprising amount of yarn , especially if you want them to be firm and fluffy – which you do.  A limp pompom is a bit lackluster.

Before you begin cut about a 10″ piece of yarn and set it aside.

photo 1

Out of sturdy cardboard cut two donut shapes with pie shaped wedges removed so that they look like letter C’s.  The size of your donuts will predict the size of your pompom. Your pompom will be just a wee bit smaller then your donuts.

photo 2

Sandwich the pieces together, and wrap your yarn round and round and round.

photo 3

The more you wrap the thicker your pompom  will be, so go for broke and wrap as much as you can till the centre of your donut is full up!

photo 1

With your sharp scissors, carefully cut in between your two donuts. The tricky thing about this is to keep your pompom intact.  You will have to hold your pompom together as you cut.  The easiest way I’ve found to do this is by firmly pinching the middle of your donut as you cut.

photo 3

Post cut ↑

photo 5

Take the yarn that you set aside and slip it in  between the cardboard pieces, wrap it around, and tie securely in place.

photo 1

Remove the donuts! It looks a little ragged but you’re not done yet.

photo 2

With your sharp scissors trim up your pompom so it’s a uniform globe.

photo 3


See you on Sunday May 11.
Craftily yours

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