Opening/Closing/Phone?/ What’s Going On?

You won’t be able to call us today.  You won’t be able to call us tomorrow either.  There was a snaffoo!
We attempted to set up our phone and internet in our new local at 55 Roncesvalles today, and it didn’t quite work out as planned.  The result is we are without phone service for a few days.
Do not fear we are busily raising and training carrier pidgeons and will soon be able to communicate.  Untill then you can reach us by email.

We are indeed still open on Queen St. West. Tomorrow, Saturday April 26, is
our last day! Sniff, sniff! Please come by and see us, but bring cash or credit cards as we can not take debit today or tomorrow.

Good news! We will be opening our new shop on Roncesvalles in just a few short days. Please join us for our opening party –

Thursday May 1, 5pm-9pm

or come by for our Open House – all day on –

Saturday May 3, 10am-7pm

55 Roncesvalles Ave, 2 blocks north of Queen on the East side.

See ya there,
Craftily yours

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