a sweater made from linen

I am not too shy to tell you that my favourite summer fibre is linen.  Not that there is anything wrong with cotton, but the rumpled sophistication of linen is tops in my books.  The impression that one just rolled out of bed but is still ready for a stroll along the Seine is the kind of contradiction I would love to let rule my life.

shibui linen sweater - lineal

Iwona knit this sweater out of the linen yarn we have from Shibui.  It’s simple, and yet somehow almost everyone who sees it wants to take it home. A light and breezy garment that’s easy to pull over a spring or summer dress fits the bill for most occasions.

shibui linen sweater - lineal

The knit fabric has a wonderful texture and a silky touch.

shibui linen

Our version of the Lineal Cardigan by Hannah Fettig took only 3 skeins of the Shibui Linen which has 225 metres and costs $15.

shibui linen

My pick for colour is “Brass”.  The very same shade as these chrysanthemums that seem to be blessed with longevity.  They are from our opening party which is now over 3 weeks ago.

shibui linen sweater - linealThe Lineal Cardigan is from a series of patterns by Hannah Fettig  for Quince and Co.  Check them out along with their other linen patterns HERE All the patterns that call for their Sparrow yarn will work with the Shibui Linen too.

 For more linen pattern ideas have a look at my post from a month or so ago.  It’s HERE.

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2 responses to “a sweater made from linen

  1. Please can you tell me how to get the pattern for the linen sweater by Kristen Ledgett. I am basically a weaver and have lots of linen and would love to knit a sweater like this with it . I love linen in our hot climate. However I am a bit over weight ( tummy ) and wonder if i could make the sweater a bit lower in the front ! Thank you. Nancy Simpson

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