Neighbourhood antics

It has been one whole month since we opened the doors of our new Roncesvalles location.  Time sure does fly!

We are truly excited to be part of this special neighbourhood. Thank you to all  who have come by and made us feel so welcome.

We look forward to meeting even more of our neighbours on Saturday June 14th.

What’s happening June 14th you might ask! Well it’s Roncey Rocks!
This 11am-8pm festival is a big ol’ street party!

When I was but a littlun my street was blocked off once every summer and we all dressed up our bikes with streamers and glitter, there was a bike-parade! Later, there was square dancing. This Roncesvalles street party is is not like that, it’s next level!  4 stages for musicians, a juried art exhibit, food vendors, and community members with their own great projects make up the bulk of the activities.

The Knit Cafe will be facilitating a community knit project.  Come by and knit a few rows.  On it’s completion our group knit-work will go to spruce up the neighbourhood in an as-of-yet undisclosed location.  This will be disclosed soon – Mysterious!

New knitter’s are welcome and we will show you how to knit a stitch or two.

little paperWhen you come by – pick up a Little Paper . This neighbourhood publication is “Toronto’s best guide for young families”. It is a good read and has a Knit Cafe coupon in it, along with coupons for several other stellar businesses in Roncesvalles proper.

Craftily yours





6 responses to “Neighbourhood antics

  1. I think that it is June 14 — not July 14th!

  2. Shouldn’t the date be JUNE 14, not July?



  3. I’ve been following your blog for sometime now and I am excited to say that I will be traveling to Toronto in Aug! I’ll be making sure I will stop by your store!!!

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