Emboidery Workshop

Our very first Introduction to Embroidery Class is coming up:
Thursday August 7, 6:30-9pm

In anticipation of this occasion, I thought I would post some pictures of pretty embroidered inspiration.

Embroidery by Hannah Oklaga

Beautiful embroidered piece by artist Hannah Oklaga.

A stitch journal from RadishBlossoms

Embroidery atop of printed fabric found on blog: RadishBlossoms.

vintage embroidered skirt

A graphic pattern embroidered on a skirt. This is a vintage garment that still looks so wearable.

Jillian Tamaki

Embroidered book jacket design by Jillian Tamaki.

vintage swedish embroidery

A vintage embroidered piece from Sweden.

Katherine Shaughnessy,  New Crewel, The Motif Collection

From Katherine Shaughnessy, and her book New Crewel, The Motif Collection

If you’re all jazzed to join the embroidery class now, give us a call at
416 533 5648.

Also coming up is our Natural Dying Class, Thurs Aug 14, Fri Aug 15, 6-9pm, but more on that later!

Craftily yours


One response to “Emboidery Workshop

  1. Lorraine Bissell

    Kristin, I need another needlework skill like a ……. But very tempting!

    There is a huge spread in today’s NYtimes about QStW and environs, and it includes the Craft council. I know Marie(sp?) works there, correct? Anyway, its a great article and thought you might enjoy the Times’ review of ‘home’.


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