It Felt So Convenient

Everything you see in this photo (excepting the lady-Lucy Sparrow) was made from felt! The candy bars, the gum, the beer the newspaper, are all stitched up with wooly felt.
Welcome to Lucy Sparrow’s pop-up convenience store!

Lucy Sparrow

There are also felt biscuits, felt tv dinners, felt magazines, a selection of felt fruits and veg, even a felt cash register.  Even this is felt ↓

Lucy Sparrow 2

You can buy anything from the shop, just like a regular corner store but you’ll have to go to  London to do so.
I love this project! You can read about it in The Guardian (which is where I found these photos by Rosie Hallam/Barcroft Media) or watch a very entertaining short video abut it HERE.

The Knit Cafe has an upcoming felt-making workshop, so you can start your own corner store.  Our felt class is not applique and hand stitching like Ms Sparrows work.  It is Needle Felting!!

needle felting

Needle Felting Workshop
Sunday August 24, 12:30-3pm
$32, materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours


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