Polish Festival – it’s next week!

The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles Ave is coming up this coming weekend. Whoopee! It will be the Knit Cafe’s first time participating in the Polish festivities and we are so looking forward to it, and not just because of the Perogies (but we are looking forward to those too).
Busy preparations have brought us to knit some nifty samples.

arm warmer

We searched our lexicon to find the perfect beginner project to introduce to folks who might come to the festival.  The answer to this search – ARM WARMERS!
This fingerless mitten pattern is as easy to knit as any scarf and much quicker too!

arm warmers

I spent part of today poking through our button jar for treasures to decorate this pair.

arm warmer

Iwona unpacked her needle felting skills to embellish these guys.

easy peasy mittens

We hope to have a few more examples ready to inspire some new knitters come this September 13 and 14. If you-yourself are a brand new knitter who is in need of a new project, or if you know such a soul, you can find the Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers pattern HERE. The mitten is knit flat in good old garter stitch.  They are seamed up after the knitting is done and the pattern includes a tutorial for the seaming!

See you on Roncey!
Craftily yours

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