Rainbow connection

OMBRE yarn by Freia!
We received an order of this precious yarn in the spring and now it is back – but with a difference.  Our Springy version was a very  fine Lace Weight variety and this recent, Practically-Fall version is a meatier Sport Weight.  Each cake contains 234 metres of yarn that is dyed from stem to stern to knit up in a continuous colour-metamorphosising  pattern. It’s ombre!
These pics may give you an idea as to their beauty but what a picture won’t tell is how soft they are. These Sport Weight cakes score high on the soft scale with 30% silk blended in with the merino. Soft enough to go right next to the skin for hats and cowls and good enough for baby duds too!









To take full advantage of the ombre style – one skein projects are best!  Try:

this shawlette pattern called ZuZu’s Petals

or this hat by Stephen West called Aurora Expanse


or Victorian Gauntlets by Katherine Summer O’Neal

victorian gauntlets

Exciting stuff!
Craftily yours




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