The skinny and the fat on Madelinetosh


Coming in a box at a time, the drawn out process of receiving our fall Madelinetosh order makes it even more exciting.  There are some new things coming, and some have already arrived.
Above is a lovely collection of Merino Light.  The perfect yarn for shawls and lightweight scarves, including our Soho Scarf project!
On top: Tart
Middle left to right: Vermillion, Mourning Dove, Smokestack
Bottom left to right: Candlewick, Forestry, Ink

tosh sock
We were so pleased with the last batch of splatter colour-ways we recieved from Madelinetosh that we requested more and more!  Here ↑ is Cosmic Wonder Dust in Tosh Sock yarn

tosh sock

Optic in Tosh Sock


Holi Festival in Tosh Sock

Expect more splatters to show up in Tosh Chunky and Vintage (worsted weight) too!

The biggest cushiest yarn that Madelinetosh makes is called ASAP because it knits up real fast.  We have restock of ASAP in lovely blues and greys as well as bright pinks, oranges and yellows, and this brand new colour ↓


It’s called Spectrum!

More Madelinetosh updates to come soon
Craftily yours





3 responses to “The skinny and the fat on Madelinetosh

  1. Those colours are bonkers and I love them!

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