More Season’s Greetings for Sock Knitters!

Just in time for gift knitting we have received a beautiful batch of sock yarns from Indigo Dragonfly.  This Ontario, hand dying enterprise create some rich and decadent colours when they dye their yarns.  Each one comes with an equally creative name and therefore a story.  It is certainly icing on the cake to tell the recipient of your hand knit socks that they are not only made with love but the colour is called “Cumberbacchanal”. Especially if that recipient is a fan of the TV series Sherlock .


Here are some highlights from this order:

indigo dragonfly


indigo dragonfly

Don’t Blink (Dr. Who)

indigo dragonfly

Sage Fright

indigo dragonfly

Dawn’s In Trouble; Must Be Tuesday

indigo dragonfly

Only The Exact Phrase I Used Was Don’t (Firefly)

indigo dragonfly

Hungry Hungry Dystopos

This yarn is composed of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon, so they will make nice and strong, washable socks! Each skein has 356m , which is ample for a pair of socks and each costs $26.

Craftily yours

4 responses to “More Season’s Greetings for Sock Knitters!

  1. Hi Kristen, I was looking for the beige (funny name for a multi colored yarn that is so bright, you don’t need to use any lights?!?!?! Quick clarification. Does this yarn only come in the sock weight? OR do you also have a DK version – either one is good.

    Thanks much. Lynn

  2. Yes, it is a wonderfully funny name! We do only have the sock weight.

  3. Do you offer sock knitting classes?

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