3 Weeks till Christmas

We’ve got three weeks to knit gifts for Christmas! Below are some suggestions of knittables that take Aran Weight yarns.

Clouds by The Knit Cafe

It is a brand new pattern from The Knit Cafe.  We have been teasing you with this pattern for a while but now it is available to one and all, near and far. True, this project is knit with a lace weight yarn , but the 6mm needles that are used to knit it puts this project squarely within the parameters of an aran weight project. Silk and mohair conspire to make this dreamy, light shawl.  It is knit loosely making it a faster knit and a transparent fabric.
Start dreaming about your favourite colour combos of  Shibui Silk Cloud, and find the pattern HERE


Tremblant Blanket by The Knit Cafe

This baby blanket was introduced just a few months ago as part of The Knit Cafe’s Wee Collection Fall 2014.  The body of the blanket is knit with a reversible knit and purl stitch pattern.  The colourful border is knit on after by picking up the stitches along each side.  Oh what fun to choose 4 contrasting colours! We used Cascade 128 which is a plush superwash merino, so blankie will go in the washer too. You can purchase this pattern HERE

tremblant blanket

Cadeautje by Ysolda Teagues

I love thrumming! I have made a few thrummed mittens in my time, even designed a Thrum Mitten pattern which you can purchase HERE, and many a thrummed slipper has been created through my efforts.  This thrummed slipper looks so awesome I think it will be one of my next projects.  Thrumming happens when strips of unspun fleece are knit into a project leaving tuffs of fluffy wool lining the inside.  This makes a cushion of warmth that can’t be beat! Currently you must purchase this pattern as part of a booklet called Knitworthy which you can find HERE.  The designer says the pattern will be available to purchase solo on December 15.  Read all about it HERE

The knit cafe has a sweet selection of hand dyed fleece from Sweet Georgia that would be perfect for this project.

cadeautje thrum slippers

Lunatic Fringe by Jennifer Dassau

This is a sweet, rustic looking wrap.  The fringe is knit right on to the shawl by casting on and off. Best of all the pattern can be found in Knitty magazine and is therefore free to try.  You can find it HERE

lunatic fringe

Dot Craze Cowl by Pickles

The designer describes this cowl as “a quite easy cowl filled with dots”, and so it is!  Bobbley type dots decorate this cowl which is knit bigger on the bottom for a nice fit on the shoulders.  This pattern is free and you can find it HERE

dot craze cowl

Robin Cowl by Caroline Weins

This button up cowl is extra wide so that it ca be worn over the shoulders or up around your ears like a hood. It is knit flat, so if you are not experienced working with circular needles but would still like to make a circular scarf this might be attractive to you. Have fun picking the buttons, I can picture it with all different colours! The pattern is free and you can find it HERE

robin cowl

Cocoon Hat by La Maison Rililie

Looking for the perfect slouchy toque?  This one looks like a new classic with it’s chunky ribbed pattern.  Even better the pattern is free and you can find it HERE


Magnolia by Maria Socha

If you are looking for a hat pattern with some more details in the stitching how about Magnolia?  It has a rib brim and a lace stitched top with lots of dimension. You can purchase this pattern HERE


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Nicoles Nerdy Knots

It is just a wonderful thing that this exists – a crochet pattern for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Perhaps you know someone who has more than a passing acquaintance with Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo, if so, I think I found your gift for them.  The crochet pattern  for these guys can be found right HERE.  It’s free!

teenage mutant ninja turtles

Snail Twist Headband by Laura Irwin on Etsy

This is quite a fancy head wrap, appropriate for any fashionable types on your list. You can buy the pattern from the designer on Etsy HERE

snail headband

That is it for this week.  Next week I share some suggestions for bulky and extra bulky yarns too.

Craftily yours





2 responses to “3 Weeks till Christmas

  1. Kristen, I think it’s the Magnolia hat pattern that was only free until 11-15 until you had previously saved to your Ravelry library. You may want to update folks or advise how we can get around the charge going through Knit Cafe. Thanks. Lynn

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