What a delight! – It’s Merino Light!

Yes – I’m rhyming now… but such a feast for the eyes deserves an equally snappy introduction.

Madelinetosh Merino Light is a super-soft one-ply yarn spun to fingering weight. It comes in wonderful Madelinetosh colours and we have a very appealing pallet on the shelves.

madelinetosh merino lightThis shelve’s colours remind me of a day on the beach. I can just picture the blue water with faded white caps, bleached out summer sky and bits of sea glass and shells to collect.

madelinetosh merino light

This shelf is reserved for colours with gusto. As though you’ve walked into a silk, sari shop in Little India, these jewel tone colours radiate so much amazing warmth and depth around them.

Either shelf, any colour, you can’t go wrong!
Merino Light is perfect for light weight garments and shawls and scarves too.  We used it for our Soho Scarf project and the Big Wrap too.

Craftily yours



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