The Blackberry Hat Pattern is Here!

Iwona knit this adorable hat for herself at the beginning of the season, soon there was a version sized small to fit tiny Charlie’s head too.  Then she kept very busy with the task of sizing the hat for every size in between. After that the samples were knit and the photos were taken, with many thanks to our models Janine and Evelyn; so that now I can finally say that the Blackberry Hat pattern in ready to take on the world.

blackberry hat

This super cute hat has a great, textural stitch pattern. Knit with two colours a rhythmic, graphic look emerges. Black and white shows this off just right and a pop of colour is the icing on the cake.
The hat is knit with “OMG so soft!” Manos del Uruguay Maxima, which is a single ply, hand dyed, merino wool. Somehow this fair trade company manages to produce excellent colours like this “Shocking” pink  which is the accent colour for the brim, the optional ear flaps, and for the pompom.

blackberry hat

I am also happy and excited to report that the Blackberry Hat is the very first Knit Café Knit Kit that can be purchased online from our web shop. We hope to soon add many more.  Knit Kits will have the yarns and patterns grouped together in cozy harmony (patterns come free with the yarn when you buy the kit).  This is good news for those who don’t live close enough to the Knit Café bricks and mortar for a casual browse and a cuppa.
The Blackberry Hat Knit Kit comes in the original Black, White and Shocking Pink colour combination, and also Black, White and Highlighter Yellow. Find it HERE

You may also get just the pattern all on it’s lonesome on HERE

Craftily yours


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