We’re so happy to see the Clouds!

We have more Shibui Silk Cloud nestled snuggly in the shelves and we couldn’t be happier. silk cloudCloud is a resplendent blend of silk and mohair. It is so soft, and light as air. The strands are whisper thin but the mohair gives it lots of body, the silk gives it shimmer.

We created The Knit Cafe’s Clouds Shawl from Shibui Silk Cloud and I am delighted to say that Knit Kits for this project are back in the store and in the webshop

cloud combo

There are several new colour combinations to choose from. All our colour-ways for Clouds are inspired by Group of Seven painters, who scoured the Canadian landscape and projected what they saw on their canvases in vivid colours. Have a look at the Frederick Varley , A. Y. Jackson, and Frank Johnston colours!

If you’re in the neighbourhood of 55 Roncesvalles you can create your own colour design for your custom Clouds shawl. I’m no mathematician but I hazard to say there are hundreds of possibilities!

Craftily yours


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