Sneak Peek for Knitter’s Frolic!

Every year at this time we gather up some gorgeous yarns, pack up a truck and head north. Just a wee bit north to The Japanese Cultural Centre for the annual event that all Toronto Knitters look forward to. It’s called The Knitters Frolic!

This year we have a few show specials that will only be available during that one day event – this Saturday April 25.

During the Frolic look for The Knit Cafe’s Knit Kits. We will be bringing them to show. Knit Kits contain yarn and an original Knit Café pattern (patterns come free in the Knit Kits.

All Knit Kits will be 15% off at the Knitters Frolic!
soho-combo-2blackberry combocloud comboTwinkle-Toqueharem-pants-knitkit504 king west  knit kit

We will also be introducing brand new knitting patterns and Knit Kits to coincide with this Knitters Frolic 2015.
fishin    I'm biased    sashiko

These details are all you get till the big unveiling on Saturday!

The Knit Café will have a special gift for all who make purchases.

More details about the Frolic’s ins and outs can be found HERE.
Maybe we’ll see you there.

Craftily yours


2 responses to “Sneak Peek for Knitter’s Frolic!

  1. Oooh I can’t wait! I’m so excited to see everything!

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