Now’s the time to start your Crochet Blanket!

crochet blanket

Monday June 22th and 29th is our Crochet Blanket Class Extraordinaire!

Stitchers with just basic crochet skills are most welcome to join this class and make their version of this terrific blanket.
I have very fond memories of making a baby blanket sized version for one of my pals and her new son. It was a very enjoyable endeavor; hemming and hawing and eventually choosing and collecting the yarn colours for the blanket and then building the blanket a bit at a time, watching it grow till it all came together into one charmer of a blanket.

In this class you will learn:

• How to follow a written crochet pattern
• How to crochet in circles
• How to change colours and hide your yarn tails
• How to join crochet pieces together without seaming

You can see all the class details and register too by clicking HERE
or you can register by calling 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

2 responses to “Now’s the time to start your Crochet Blanket!

  1. Such a pretty blanket!!!

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