Come Knit In Our Green Oasis


When we first moved to our new digs on Roncesvalles Avenue one of the features of our new space that most excited us was the backyard garden.
Alas – a whole year went by without an opportunity to transform it, because believe-you-me it needed a little TLC. I am happy to announce that the first stage of our backyard makeover is now complete.

BIG THANK YOU! goes out to my Mom who made it all happen. Since I have bragging rights I will go ahead and use them; my Mom is a talented gardener who designed our garden transformation from top to bottom. She picked out the plants – tall grasses which have a fancy Latin name I know not what, miniature lilac bushes, and black eyed Susans. She even picked up the lot of them and hand delivered them; and if that wasn’t enough she helped me build the new flower beds and plant the goodies. All this with an indecently small budget. Thanks again Mom!


Finally our chicken has a decent roost.


Between the two raised beds is a lovely bench, also donated by my Mom. She tells me there is a matching table coming soon. The needlepointed cushions are also a treat from my Mom, so no bums will get sore on this bench. Next time you come, feel free to knit away the day in the garden.

Craftily yours


3 responses to “Come Knit In Our Green Oasis

  1. Sharon Rapoport


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  2. Looks beautiful and relaxing!

  3. So very relaxing and peaceful oasis.and it is very special because it is a gift from your mother’s heart.

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