Don’t forget to pack your knitting

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This is where I wish I was for the majority of the summer, and if I was there right now it would be a sure bet I’d be knit-knit-knitting! I accumulate much of my knit miles during the summer months at the family cottage. It is pretty much the best place and time to knit, as far as I’m concerned.
If you are lucky enough to have a summer oasis to fly off to, don’t forget your knitting!

You might not need to do what I do, which is pack an entire suitcase full of yarn, and then of course I don’t touch half of it, but I would hate to be without -stranded on an island and not a yarn store in sight! What a nightmare scenario, to waste all that good knitting time.

If you are planning a cottage weekend and need some help finding the perfect project come by the Knit Café.
slippers photo 2teeblackberry hatcrochet blanketsock class504 King West  shibui linen sweater - lineal    DSCN0058I'm biased

We have a whole lotta project ideas, more than we can possibly knit so we are happy to pass on a few. You can have a look at all The Knit Cafe’s knit patterns on HERE. Or if you don’t live near by – you can order a  Knit Cafe Knit Kits HERE.

Have fun with your summer knitting!
Craftily yours




5 responses to “Don’t forget to pack your knitting

  1. Hi all, On the 3rd row in the middle is a white blanket with some colors.    I can’t seem to find the pattern in Ravelry and wondered if I’m just missing.   Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Lynn

    • kristinledgett

      Hello Lynn. That is the Tremblant Blanket Pattern – you can find the pattern on ravelry with other Knit Café patterns HERE. We also sell it as a Knit Kit with all the pretty contrast colours included right HERE. Glad you like it.

  2. What is the little shrug cardigan on bottom left corner? don’t see a pattern for that on your site or on ravelry.. thanks!

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