The yarn is coming!

This is the time of year when the beginnings of the Fall yarns begin to trickle in. The first to arrive are some refills of good and practical basics.

100% Peruvian wool like Cascade 220 worsted and chunky Peruvia Quick
!00% merino superwash both in DK weight like Cascade 220 Superwash and thick and plush aran weight Cascade Merino 128.
Alpaca and wool combine is the wonderfully knittable Ultra Alpaca Light.
Super wearing Berroco Vintage Chunky is also in the house!

cascadeperuviaultra alpacaperuviacascadeperuviacascadecascadevintage chunkycascadecascadecascade

Perhaps what we’re most excited about, is that we now have all the colours for a hand knit version of a Hudson Bay Blanket.


 Cascade 128 is a terrific yarn for a blanket as it is soft and squishy and washable too. It’s what we used for our Tremblant Baby Blanket Pattern and we think it would make a wonderful Hudson Bay Blanket too.

There is so much exciting yarn coming throughout the next weeks and months. We will keep you in the know.

Craftily yours

2 responses to “The yarn is coming!

  1. Kristin, I would be interested in making the Hudson Bay Blanket and wondered if there’s already a pattern published.      Can you provide please? Thanks,Lynn

    • Hello Lynn, There is no pattern. We recommend just a straight garter stitch blanket following the sequence of colours for the Hudson Bay Blanket. We can make more specific recommendations if we knew what sort of scale you wanted to do it. Come into the shop some time if you can! Kristin

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