Free Shipping for Indigodragonfly and more…

Are you feeling the urge to knit again? A lot of knitters are the seasonal kind who’s thoughts turn to knitting only when the leaves start to change. Well it’s happening! In fact it is Thanksgiving this coming weekend!
I can’t believe it either.

To celebrate the new knitting season we have introduced Free Shipping in our webshop.


You might want to apply your Free Shipping to get some of this divine Indigodragonfly Mergoat Sport. Quite a mouthful isn’t it. Let me break it down:
Indigodragonfly is a terrific hand dying company from Haliburton County, Ontario. They are known for their wonderful deep and delicious dyes, and their very creative colour names which reference all your favourite tv shows and films.
Mergoat refers to the fibre blend in this particular yarn. It is a super-duper soft concoction of merino (that’s the mer), CASHMERE (that’s the goat) and a bit of nylon (unrepresented in the name).
Sport is the weight of the yarn which knits to 22-24sts per 10cm. This is a wonderful weight for shawls and light weight scarves, hats, sweaters, anything really!

indigo dragonfly 003 006_01 007 011_02 013 016 019

Warning! Amazing yarn colour names might blow your mind!

Top row: Use Your Mind Palace, and  You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair
2nd row: Tardis, and Ooo…Shiney!
3rd row: Sargasm, and Cyclones of Anarchy
Bottom row: If  You Really Wanted To Mess Me Up, You Should Have Gotten To Me Sooner, and Cumberbacchanal

Checkout The Mergoat Sport right HERE

Craftily yours


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