Brooklyn Tweed at The Knit Café Toronto

I have perhaps never been more excited to announce a yarns arrival to The Knit café. It’s here! Brooklyn Tweed!

brooklyn tweedbrooklyn tweed
brooklyn tweedbrooklyn tweed

I may be especially happy as this event has been a long time coming. I have coveted this yarn from afar. Every year for many years I have contacted the good folks at Brooklyn Tweed and expressed my desire to order some for the Knit Café, and every year they told me (in the nicest of ways) they were not quite ready to expand up our way. Then, one day, it happened. They contacted me with the news that they were ready to share their lovely yarn with us, and now it is finally here in the store. Whoopeee – I say!

Brooklyn Tweed is a 100% American Wool endeavor, from sheep farm to mill it is all made sustainably in small scale production. The wool is tweedy in character and is available in a heavenly pallet. Today we have the Shelter line in the shop, which is a squeezable and lofty worsted weight, but expect the Loft line, a finger weight to make an appearance here too.

Shelter is the yarn you will make your favourite sweater from. It will delight you in how it shows off your stitching and how the wool keeps its shape. Brooklyn Tweed has a bountiful selection of gorgeous sweater patterns to choose from. If you have not yet discovered them, I encourage you to go right now and have a look at all the beauties on We have sweater quantity of all the lovely shades in the shop but come in quick to get your first pick.

brooklyn tweed

Here it is ↑ getting chummy with another yarn that just came in today. We have new recruits from Noro. It’s Kureopatora in 8 different colours. It looks pretty good with the Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, hmm, gives a knitter ideas.

Craftily yours


2 responses to “Brooklyn Tweed at The Knit Café Toronto

  1. Kristen! Yummy! and that Brooklyn Tweed lookbook! WOW! Im back! …do you think I could manage the sweater Fletching? & do you have the colour Woodsmoke?

    May I ask how much $ each skein? that sweater calls for 8, gulp. just wondering if possible.. Thank you for any info you may have, Susan

    • Hello Susan!
      Fletching does look like a nice one. It seems like it is a basic sweater construction with some pretty details. I don’t think it will be nearly as hard as the other sweater you were working on, but I can’t say anything for sure without reading the pattern. We don’t have the woodsmoke colour now, we do have barn owl which is a shade deeper and we have sweatshirt which is the same colour value but a grey. The skeins are $15 each so a sweaters worth is not outrageously priced. Hope to see you soon

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