First Ever Knit Café Yarn Club!

The Knit Café is so happy to launch our very first
Yarn Club.

“What is this Yarn Club thingo?” you might ask.
It’s an opportunity to sign up for a whole year of great knitting experiences. The Knit Cafe’s 2016 Yarn Club will include.
*6 mysterious packages either delivered or picked up at The Knit Café (your choice) every two months throughout the year.
each package will contain a brand-new Knit Café Pattern designed for the club. Members will receive this pattern before any other knitters will.
each package will also contain BEAUTIFUL YARN! Enough yarn so that you can knit up your new pattern. The yarn is a surprise but much of it will be Canadian-made, much of it will be hand dyed, it will all be made from lovely natural fibres relying heavily on the merinos, and…
some lucky yarn club subscribers will get their hands on some custom dyed yarns. These yarns were designed in a collaboration between The Knit Café and some of the wonderfully talented hand dyers that you know and love. These” custom colour” subscriptions will be in very limited supply, so get in on the ground floor to get one of these. The custom-made hand dyed colours will be exclusive to The Knit Cafe’s 2016 Yarn Club and will not come again.
If you miss out on the “custom colour” subscriptions you may still join the yarn club. We also have a limited number of subscriptions available that involve yarn picked from the colour pallets of each contributing yarn supplier. We are calling this subscription style “picked just for me”. Which means you!
“Will there be other surprises contained in your yarn club packages?” you may ask.  Well, yes there will!
The first of the six packages with be ready for pick up and delivery in June.

You can read more about Yarn Club 2016 and become a member by going to the Knit Cafe’s webshop

or by coming by the store at
55 Roncescalles Ave
or by calling 416 533 5648
Craftily yours

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