The Knitter’s Frolic 2016

If it is April, then it must be time for the Knitter’s Frolic. This annual event for knitters in and around Toronto is much anticipated. It is a chance to gather and gawk at some yarn and what kind of knitter doesn’t like that?
This year the Knit Café will be designing a brand new knit pattern to be launched at The Frolic. Last year we were most gratified with the runaway success of our Frolic 2015 pattern Sashiko.
sashikoWe will be bringing more Sashiko Knit Kits with us this year if you missed it last time but we also hope people will be just as excited about our 2016 offering.
Please visit our booth at The Knitter’s Frolic, we will have a lovely range of yarns with us, ordered especially to coincide with Frolic-Time. For example we will have lots and lots of Brooklyn Tweed!
Since we are only the second yarn store in Canada to carry Brooklyn Tweed yarns we are aware that many knitters have not had a chance to see it first hand, let alone feel it, and squeeze it, and knit it up. Now is your chance!
brooklyn tweed loft
The folks at Brooklyn Tweed have also helped us to create a Trunk Show for this year’s Knitter’s Frolic. This means we will be bringing a plethora of knitted samples made from Brooklyn Tweed Yarns. You will have the opportunity to fondle the sweaters, and the shawls and the scarves and the hats and even try them on!
You can also register for your Knit Café Yarn Club Subscription at The Frolic and receive a very special gift exclusively for Knit Café Yarn Club members.
We are very excited about The Knitter’s Frolic this year. We hope we will see you there.

Find out more about The Knitter’s Frolic HERE
It is Saturday April 30th at

The Japanese Cultural Centre

Craftily yours

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