Freia and Koigu yarn is back and beautiful!

I don’t think there is a better way to welcome in the first days of summer then with this yarn. Freia hand dyed yarn has summer written all over it!


Just look at these lace-weight beauties! Each skein is dyed by hand so that one colour gradually blends into another in an ombre effect. With 645yards on each, one skein could make a whole shawl and showcase all the hues from start to finish.  These cakes are a real treat for the eyes!

We are also so happy to have a bit of Koigu KPM back in store and with it the ability to put together kits for some of our favourite Knit Cafe projects. We now have the original colours for our 504 King West Scarf, and The Baby Harem pants back in stock. You can find them in-store or get them from our webshop HERE.

504 king west knit kitharem-pants-knitkit

Or come by and pick out your own custom colours for these projects or whatever you fancy. Koigu KPM is a hand dyed merino yarn made right here in Ontario. Each 50 gram, fingering weight skein  is squishabley soft and such a treat to work with.


Craftily yours

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