Stop the Presses! Discount Yarn from Mineville!

When I tell you that this yarn from Mineville Yarn Project is a discount yarn I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. The only thing lacking in this yarn is the standard pricing we have come to expect in a hand dyed yarn.
Mineville Yarn Project is an endeavor created in Nova Scotia from the exceptional hand dying team that you know and love – The Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden. They began the Mineville Yarn Project so they could take advantage of some of the lovely discounted yarns they were offered from the Mills they regularly work with. These yarns are beautiful quality but are odds and sods and ends of runs and not to be repeated so they are sold cheap. Mineville then hand dyes them expertly and passes the savings on to us and then, in turn,  we pass the savings down to you. ..and here we are!

It’s Sock Yarn !
80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
360 metres / 120 grams
machine washable
ONLY $16 a skein!

We have sweater quantity in each of the 14 colours so start making your plans. They describe this yarn as a heavy fingering so it could be knit to fingering or possibly sport tension up to 26 sts/ 10cm.  Or start making socks and get started on your holiday knitting. It’s a bargoon!

Craftily yours


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