Announcing The Holiday Edition Yarn Club from The Knit Cafe!

We have been thinking a lot about this gift giving time and filling the store with lots of cute knitter’s tools and gadgets and of course lovely yarn – all terrific gifts! But the best gift of all for any knitter is just more knitting. So, to that end we thought we could open up this year’s  Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club membership to some new knitters so the joy of knitting could be spread around.
In The Yarn Club – The Holiday Edition, members with receive 3 packages over a period of 6 months (one every 2 months). Each package will contain some beautiful yarn and an original knitting pattern designed for that yarn by The Knit Café. The yarns will feature the work of hand dyers from Canada and abroad  showcasing their lovely colours and wonderful natural fibres.

Yarn Club Members can choose from two subscription types.

Make Mine Custom Members will receive yarns that are dyed especially for The Knit Café. We will work with the contributing hand dyers to create limited edition colours available only for Make Mine Custom Members.

Picked Just For Me Members can let us know which colours they love and which they want nothing to do with and we will pick colours from the participating yarn dyers stocks to suit these preferences.

Both will receive 6 months of knitting fun!

To join the Holiday Edition Yarn Club or buy it for a knitter you know and love or to just read more about it, check it out in The Knit Café webshop right HERE

Craftily yours


2 responses to “Announcing The Holiday Edition Yarn Club from The Knit Cafe!

  1. Anthony Banks

    Does the Yarn Club still exist? And how much is it?

    • kristinledgett

      Yes Yarn Club still exists and this is a timely inquiry as we are just about to announce Yarn Club for this coming year. Look for posts on this blog and other Knit Café social media in April for the announcement

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