Gifts for felters, weavers, spinners, dyers and clever crafters

Do you know someone who is ready to embark on a new craft? Or someone who is already waist deep in a textile adventure? If so, consider some of these helpful and enticing supplies to urge them onwards and upwards. All of them great gifts!


The Ashford Needlefelting Kit contains a rainbow of fleece colours, four colour coded felting needles, a learn to needlefelt book and a foam felting block, basically all one needs to start needle felting or replenish old supplies. $73

Or tailor your needle felting gift to suit the felter in question. You pick the colours! The Knit Cafe has a great colour selection; fleece is sold in 15gram amounts for $2.75 each, throw in a felting block $7,  and felting needles (set of five) $5.50.

All the equipment a tapestry weaver will need and then some are pictured above. Many of them, like a weaving frame are essential, others are lovely luxuries like the wooden beater and bobbins and wool needles, all of which make composing your weaving design a real pleasure

1.  tapestry warping yarn $21.50
2. wool needles $12 each
3. tapestry weaving frame $57
4. tapestry bobbins $13.50 for two
5. tapestry weaving beater $33.50

If you know some one who is interested in dyeing their own yarn, this combo of yarn and dye is a great way to get them started.

This undyed, merino, superwash, fingering weight yarn has 345m on each skein. It takes dye very well and is a luxury yarn at a not so luxury price making it a less precious commodity while experimenting with new dye techniques. These skeins are from Canadian company Mineville Wool Project, $14 each
Pair this yarn with Ashford Rainbow Wool Dye Collection, which includes the three primary colours, all one needs to get started, $28.75

For those who are interested in learning how to make their own yarn, the best way to start is with a drop spindle and some pretty fleece. Rug Hookers in waiting we have rug hooking tools! The Knit Cafe also teaches how to spin with a drop spindle and rug hook too! Check our class list HERE.

1. Drop Spindles $33
2. Rug Hooking Tool $17
3. and 4. Merino Fleece hand dyed by The Fleece Artist, 50grams, $11

Who’s excited to make stuff?
Craftily yours

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