Health Crisis Update from The Knit Cafe

These are strange times. It seems we are all collectively holding our breaths but all of us separately; each in our own corners, keeping physical distance, waiting and worrying and hoping. This world wide pandemic keeps some of us staggeringly busy and others of us distractingly not so. We at The Knit Cafe send big virtual hugs to you no matter the circumstance you find yourself in.

Here is our update: The Knit Cafe’s bricks and mortar shop is closed. Our WEBSHOP IS OPEN! We can still furnish you with supplies to keep your hands busy and hopefully help your hearts to lighten. These are times when having a hobby can really come in handy to pass the hours, but also to manage stress and we are glad we are still in a position to help at least in this small way.

Your orders will come from an environment that is currently a one-gal operation. To keep us all safe there is only one worker toiling solo. Cleaning and sanitizing in the shop and order fulfillment space is done diligently and regularly.

We are available and happy to answer any of your questions so do get in touch by email if you are in need. We hope get some virtual activities ready for you all in the future.

It is easy to get down, and justifiable too, but there is also a lot to celebrate. Little acts of kindness are sparking up everywhere. I have one to share with you. It involves one of our favourite yarn suppliers – Brooklyn Tweed.

Brooklyn Tweed has come out with an initiative to help support all of us makers and local suppliers of the Brooklyn Tweed yarns. Selflessly, they have offered a discount to their customers so they can indulge in their knitting pursuits even in this time of financial uncertainty. These discounts then become credit for LYS’s like us so we can purchase more yarn and help to keep those knitting needles click-clacking. Many of you have already taken advantage of theses discounts. Those of you who have not, you have until May 15 to do so. Again, I think this is so generous of the folks at Brooklyn Tweed.

Customers can choose to pay based on what they can afford- 10%, 20%, or 30%. Everyone has a different situation. Some of us have real serious financial struggles and some of us are holding steady. The Knit Cafe’s customers have often chosen one of the lower discounts and a few of you have written to tell me that you prefer to pay full price. We are blown away by this generosity of spirit and we thank you!!!!

For anyone who wants to start a new Brooklyn Tweed Yarn inspired project and would like  to know how to get their hands on some and choose a discount to boot then wait no further here is what you do..

go to The Knit Cafe,s webshop

pick out your Brooklyn Tweed goodies

apply one of the following discount codes during checkout:

ApartTogether10 for a 10% discount

ApartTogether20 for a 20% discount

ApartTogether30 for a 30% discount

You can use these codes till May 15.

There is more Brooklyn Tweed on the way but if we don’t have what you want in our shop you can also shop directly with Brooklyn Tweed and let them know you want credit for your discounts to go to your LYS The Knit Cafe and that helps us too. We appreciate your support. Please let us know by email what we can do to support you.

Take care everyone
Craftily yours

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